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Carbon peeling: 1 procedure: 120€ 4x procedures 300€ (save 180€) Pay: 2 months, 150€ per month, 0% interest rate

Pigmented lesions, Photorejuvenation: Face + neck + decolletage 290€ 4x procedures 800€ (save 360€) Pay: 4 months, 200€ per month, 0% interest rate

Clearlift skin remodeling: Face + neck + décolletage 199€ 4x procedures: 600€ (save 196€) Pay: 2 months, 300€ per month, 0% interest rate

One of the most efficient hair removal methods is laser epilation with Alma Lasers.

  • Painless

    The safest method of laser epilation. Virtually painless procedure.
  • No recovery period

    The procedure can be used on patients with chronic dermatologic diseases.
  • Suitable for all skin types

    This makes Soprano Ice an irreplaceable tool in fighting hairs in all areas.

We will assist you in redefining your natural youthful appearance.

Our services are individually tailored to the patient’s needs and wishes. If there is a place that personifies your inner dreams, that place would be Decus Clinic!

Meeting with our specialists will help you choose the most appropriate facial rejuvenation treatments that will target certain problem areas or a combination of treatments to completely restore your youthful appearance.

One trademark in nine different countries – Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


  • Thu, 11 Oct 18
    Minu nimi on Victoria ja mul on pikk, aga huvitav lugu sellest, kuidas kaasaegne tehnoloogia ja suur tahtejõud võib muuta sinu välimust. Alustan faktiga, et ma olen meditsiiniõde ja kosmeetik, kuid olen juba väga pikka aega raskustes olnud ülekaaluga. Probleem sai alguse alguse kontrollimatust maiustuste söömisest ning hormonaalses tasemes kehas- aasta tagasi, 2017. aasta septembris tegin läbi silmaoperatsiooni ja sain keerulise nakkuse, mis takistas mu silmade paranemist. Olime arstiga pool aa
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  • Tue, 09 Oct 18
    🔊Head uudised! Decus Kliinikuga liitus 10-aastase töökogemusega nina-, kõrva- ja kurguarst. Tutvumishinnad -40% . Igor Svirgun teeb aastas umbes 200–300 näo- ja kaelapiirkonna operatsiooni, sh ninaoperatsioone suletud ja avatud meetodil, nii lastele kui ka täiskasvanutele. Viimastele ka silmalaugude plastikat. . 👨‍⚕️on läbinud koolituse Hollandis Utrechti Ülikooli kliinikus ja külastanud konverentsi Wolfgang Gubisch, M.D ja Prof. Dr. Gilbert Nolst Trenité osalusel. . . Igori pakutavad teenused D
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  • Tue, 02 Oct 18
    ✨LASERLIHVIMINE – MÕJUSAIM NAHA NOORENDAMISE VIIS✨ _____________________ 👵👴Ajapikku tekivad näole vananemise signaalid, mida ei suuda peita ükski hea vananemisvastane kreem ja meik. 👩👨Naha noorus sõltub kollageeni, elastiini ja hüaluroonhappe sisaldusest. Vananedes nende ainete hulk nahas väheneb ning nahk lõtvub ja tekivad kortsud. _____________________ Naha elastsust ja niiskustaset on võimalik taastada mitmel erineval moel, näiteks kui häirivad vaid mõned üksikud kortsukesed või allavajun
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I have been worried about my capillaries for 15 years. Their removal was painful and expensive, I had to do it every couple of months. When I discovered the Decus Clinic, they were able to solve my problem with only two treatments, the capillaries have disappeared and have not returned for more than half a year. There was no pain during the removal, and the price was much lower than in other places. Sincerely recommend!

Polina Ladnova, Marketing Manager at Rae Restaurant

I visited Decus Clinic and would like to bring out some very positive facts. First of all, the ability to park your car without any problems and free of charge was very pleasant; secondly, as soon as you enter the place, you get the feel of a brand new and well-maintained clinic; it is not too artificial like most of the clinics are, yet it is comfortable; I’d even go as far as calling it “home-like”, but you also get to feel the medical aspect! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, so my visit has been pleasant throughout! The procedures have been carried out by the experts, and the result was visible right away! I dare to recommend it from my own experience to all of those who are interested!

Gert Laasme, organiser of Dance Paradise & Baile Bon parties, director of Music Factory


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