Consultation with cosmetologist

Consultation is a significant part of the visit to the clinic. At this stage, experts help identify the real problem and choose the most effective method, taking into account your wish and the desired result.

- At the first visit, the cosmetician will determine the problem and the cause of its occurrence. To do this, the special conversations with the patient will examine the living features and indicate the direction of treatment.

The cosmetologist will choose treatment methods and an individual treatment course. A good specialist will pay attention to the individual characteristics of the patient for optimum results. During treatment, he monitors the status of the selected patient in determining the effectiveness of the selected method.

Decus Clinic offers all procedures that solve aesthetic skin problems.

During the consultation:

The specialist chooses a suitable healing and rejuvenating technology: injections through which the drug is introduced into the skin. These include biorevitalization, mesotherapy, plasma technology (plasmolifting), contour plastics, laser procedures that effectively eliminate aesthetic defects.

Dermatologist consultation:

During the consultation, the doctor will try to collect as many details as possible from the patient. The questions he asks may touch upon nutrition, the nature of work, living conditions and other reasonably related issues. In fact, any information can tell the specialist what the cause of the disease is. During the study, the doctor will carefully examine the patient. Particular attention will be given to examining skin lesions.

Treatment may include drug therapy (sometimes a need for general care), tumour removal if it is benign, in some cases surgical intervention is required.

After the treatment plan is elaborated, the specialist chooses cosmetic products for external use (creams, gels, lotions, serums, balms, masks) at the request of the patient. They have an additional effect - moisturizing, nourishing, cleansing and toning. Cosmetic products help increase the effectiveness of basic therapy (injectable or hardware) and help speed up the results. During the consultation, Decus's specialists at the clinic will also recommend cosmetic products for home use.

Konsulteerimine ei ole ilukliinikumi külaskäigu jaoks ebaoluline osa. Selles etapis aitavad eksperdid tuvastada tõelise probleemi ja valida kõige tõhusama meetodi, võttes arvesse teie soovi ja soovitud tulemuse.


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