Based on the exclusive partnership contract in the field of plastic surgery, concluded between Decus Сlinic and the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic named after Dr. E. Yurshevich, we are pleased to inform you that now you have the opportunity to get consultation with highly qualified surgeons of the clinic of Dr. Jurshevich in the Decus Clinic.

"Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine in the name of Dr. Eduard Jurshevich" Is a unique private clinic (the only one in Latvia) that has the certification of a large hospital (certificate S-108) equipped with the highest European and world standards.

By calling + 372 519 37 000, you will be connected to our administrator, who will provide you with more detailed information regarding the information you are interested in and will book your consultation with the surgeon.

How the process looks like:

Consultation of a plastic surgeon takes place in Decus Clinic

  • During consultation: Problems discussions, an analysis of the possibilities and necessary recommendations are conducted to obtain an optimal aesthetic result.
  • The result of the consultation is the preparation of an individual program, taking into account your wishes, individual characteristics and health condition.
  • If after a thorough consultation, should you decide to use the services of surgeons, you will be agreed with the day and time of the operation at the Yurshevich's Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine, its cost, and the day and time of the health examination.


  • There is an obligatory preoperative examination (blood test, electrocardiogram, X-ray diagnosis of the lungs) that can be performed at any medical institution and its results taken to the surgeon / anesthesiologists of the clinic 3 days prior to surgery or you can go through all the examinations at the Yurshevich's Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe additional examinations.
  • As a rule, the examination is carried out two weeks before the operation.

After the operation

After discharge, you will need to come to the Decus Clinic for bandaging, suture removal, postoperative monitoring.


  • Convenience. Consultation with highly qualified surgeons from one of the best clinics in the Baltic States without leaving Estonia, there is no planning process for the trip, which saves time and expenses for transport and accommodation in another country.
  • Competence of doctors. Guarantee that you receive exhaustive information on all issues that interest you from the specialists.
  • A complex approach. Surgeons of the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine E. Yurshevich prefer an integrated approach to solving the problem; therefore they always offer to also consult with dermatologist, cosmetologist and other specialists. Decus Clinic can offer these services right away! Not only will Decus Clinic specialist prepare you for the operation, but also conduct postoperative rehabilitation. 
  • Combination of procedures. On the day of consultation with a surgeon, in addition to the opportunity to prepare for such an important step as a plastic surgery, you can go through a complex of rejuvenating procedures in Decus Clinic with the best Estonian cosmetologists on high-quality equipment and purchase one of the best professional cosmetic lines.
  • Partial payments. Decus Clinic provides an opportunity for installments, which allows clients to pay for their plastic surgery or other rejuvenation and therapeutic procedures provided by Decus Clinic in parts.


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Book your first consultation!