The ClearLift procedure is performed using a laser device - Alma Lasers.

Alma Lasers produces the highest-class devices, which embody all the latest and proven scientific development. Alma Lasers equipment is produced manually at a factory in Israel.

ClearLift is a procedure of intensive laser rejuvenation, which allows for a single procedure without pain, side effects and a recovery period to do a skin lifting and get rid of a number of skin problems.

The essence of the ClearLift procedure.

When interacting with the skin, the laser beam, thanks to a very short pulse, painlessly passes through the upper layer of the skin and forms microscopic controlled wounds in the deep skin layer, resulting in the recovery processes in the skin - elastin and collagen are actively produced, the skin is renewed and strengthened, wrinkles are smoothed out. Thanks to the tip system, the doctor-cosmetologist has full control over the penetration depth of the pulse, so the procedure can be performed efficiently and safely on delicate areas of the skin around the eyes, mouth, décolletage and neck, which distinguishes ClearLift from other lasers.

A method that is perfectly suitable for all skin types is completely painless, and at the end of the session the patient can immediately return to his usual cases, as there are no side effects, for example, reddening or peeling of the skin, ClearLift. The whole procedure takes no more than half an hour.

Restrictions on the performance of other cosmetic procedures are not present; moreover Clearlift is well combined with such procedures as:

  • Chemical and mechanical peelings;
  • Radio wave therapy;
  • Phototherapy;
  • Laser polishing;
  • Beauty injections - mesotherapy, contour plastic, botulinum toxin;
  • thread pull;
  • Plastic surgery.

The procedure can be performed in the summer, since, unlike many other laser treatments, it is not associated with the risk of hyperpigmentation.

Indications for the ClearLift procedure

  • Withering of the skin, associated with age-related changes;
  • Skin damaged by excess solar activity;
  • Scars, stretch marks;
  • Stagnant post-inflammatory blemishes;
  • Persistent skin pigmentation, including age spots, pigment deposition on the spot with hematomas, etc .;
  • Lack of skin tone after hard diets, active weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth.

Possible contraindications

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Lactation.



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