Shave, Wax, or Laser?

Shave, Wax, or Laser?

Mon, 16 May 16
Anyone wants to be hairy scary? Not me and certainly not you; none of us do! There are endless options for hair removal but finding the one that works best for you and fits your budget can be a bit tasking. Some of the popular options include razors, over-the-counter hair removal products, waxing, and lasers. So, what is the best and cost effective option when it comes to the least amount of pain and hair regrowth?

Let’s be honest; we’ve all shaved and waxed our underarms, legs, and also our bikini area in the past. Even though today’s razors, as well as over-the-counter hair removal creams, can work significantly well, we still need to contend with the unwanted side effects such as cuts, nicks, cuts, razor burn, rashes, and those notoriously ingrown hairs, medically called folliculitis.

And so, let’s discuss lasers. To provide you with a little background, laser hair removal started about two decades ago when at that time it was experimentally tried and tested. In 1997, the FDA approved select lasers for hair removal.

Laser hair removal works by way of a technique known as Photothermolysis or SPTL. This tested and trusted procedure selectively focuses on melanin that gives our skin and hair its color; Lasers heat up the hair follicle but not the skin. Furthermore, they send a precise wavelength of light and pulse duration in which the light is sucked up by the dark color areas/hair follicles on our skin.

The great news is the fact that it’s also much less painful and also results in much less allergic skin reactions or irritations as opposed to waxing. Of course, there might be side effects such as itching, redness, and swelling, but if you’re a chicken to the waxing, as I am, then the laser option is a winner!

I am certain you’re wondering how much laser hair removal will set you back. Well, if you consider the cost of waxing, and also sometimes you need to go to the salon monthly, each year, it can add up.

Yes, laser hair removal may cost more up front, but in the long run, it will save you money, time, and best of all, it's the least painful. Who wouldn’t want baby-smooth, hairless skin without having to shave or wax – or deal with all of the accidents that can occur.

It's time to say goodbye to creams, razors, and waxing. Finally, a safe, fast and effective hair removal solution that is highly recommended for you - Laser which is the best and cost effective option!

There are latest laser machines that are so effective such as Alma Laser. Also, people are really happy with the results and affordability. For best results in the laser hair removal, Alizay Esthetic Clinic and Spa use the most advanced FDA Approved ALMA Laser hair removal technology (the gold standard in laser hair removal).

Each hair and skin type respond best to a specific wavelength, Alma Harmony XL Pro provides a CUSTOMIZABLE TREATMENT protocol that will give patients the results they seek.

Benefits of ALMA Laser Removal:

It’s extremely freeing to get out of bed knowing you can put on your shorts and tank top without having to worry about creepy, hairy, scraggly stubble.

  • VIRTUALLY PAIN-FREE - Contact cooling and In-Motion™ technology keep treatment comfortable.
  • PROVEN SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TONES AND HAIR TYPES - Most advanced Laser hair removal technology that is Clinically tested and FDA-cleared provided effective results for all patients, from light to dark skin.
  • FAST TREATMENTS - Treatment sessions are super-quick even for large areas thanks to in-Motion™ technology and multiple applicator sizes.
  • NO DOWNTIME – You can go back to your routine immediately.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AREAS OF THE BODY - Easily and effectively treats small to large areas.

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